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Where's the sight where one could see what's on tv using directv?

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 11:20:42 -0600
"Neal Ewers" <neal.ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

NE> Beth, I use Direct TV, but I have my own stand alone digital recorder
NE> which I find easier to use than the Teavo type recorders that you can
NE> get with the direct TV service.  Those are all menu driven from your
NE> remote and the ones I have tried are not all that user friendly.  So I
NE> bought a Panasonic recorder that records on to either a hard drive or a
NE> CD.  You can actually copy from the hard drive to the CD.  I then just
NE> have a simple box that plugs in to the Direct TV cable and this then
NE> goes to the DVD recorder.  True, the DVD recorder is menu driven, but I
NE> find that I can learn the menus and get to all the places I need to be.
NE> Of course, there are a lot of things you can't read on Direct TV.  For
NE> example, you can go to a menu that will tell you what will be on for
NE> that day on the station you are currently tuned to, but it only shows up
NE> on the screen.  No matter, because , there is a very nice web site that
NE> you can use that will give you all the stations in the system, even
NE> local ones, and it is quite accessible with JAWS.
NE> Let me know if you need more questions answered and I'll try to help.
NE> Neal
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NE> Anyone in the U.S. use Direct or Dish Network?  If so, how 'bout a demo?
NE> I'm very seriously considering Direct TV, since it has channels I want
NE> and DVS--how easy is that to turn on and off?  I understand from Radio
NE> Shack--which installs both systems--that Dish is almost the same except
NE> that it has more international channels.  I will have to study both
NE> sites to see about site accessibility too.  Thanks.  Beth

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