[bct] Sandisk players also work with audible.com

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The original subject to this message was
answers to MuVo questions

Since I asked the questions about the Muvo player, I have also
discovered that the Sandisk players also work with audible books.  I
have the Sandisk m240.  When I first try to add my player in audible
manager, I had to download a firmware update and it also downloaded a
plug-in for the player and now it works like a charm.  As with the Muvo
described below, when you change batteries the player remembers where
you are in your music file or your audible book.

This all got started when I purchased an Ipod shuffle for my wife so she
could also listen to audible books.  Each time I plugged the Ipod into
the charger it would forget its place in the book and start from the
beginning.  Between this and the very slow forward scan speed of the
Ipod, this was not an option unless I pulled out all the rest of my

I appreciate the information on the Muvo below, but in the mean time, I
purchased the Sandisk player.  I just wanted people to know that it also


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I apologize for the delay in answering the questions that have been
asked on Creative MuVo. But here they are: 
1. You only have to hold the play button when you turn it on initially
and when you are all done and turn it off. While playing tapping the
play button will pause and resume playback. 
2. whenever you change batteries or put the player back together after
you ahve unplugged it from the computer it does remember the mode you
were in whether it is music record or radio and your exact point where
you left off. So if your battery dies in the middle of a song if you put
in a new battery it will pick up at the spot on the song you left off
3. there is no place for an ac adapter. 
4. it is compatible with audible books. At one time audible.com was
giving away a MuVo with a year's contract I believe. I assume you have
to load audible software but you could probably get that info from
audible's web site. If you give me ideas of what you might be interested
in hearing I might be able to do some other podcasts.

Synthia M. Greenwell 
Program Coordinator, 
20/200 Fellowship, Inc. 

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