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Hi Joni,
I second your emotion on sped-up speech, but I have been known to speed up the NLS readers--at least when I used to read more books through that service. <smile>
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I feel basically the same way you do Neal about the more human-sounding
synthesizers. I don't like the choppiness of the sound. At least that is
the way my ears perceive it. I thought Daniel sounded the best of the three
I listened to at the site you posted. It seems like the word to is often
not pronounced very well, as if it blends into the next word.

750 words a minute? Wow! I will never understand how so many people can
actually listen to and comprehend speech at such a rapid rate. More power
to you. I know you can get a lot more read. I do not speed up talking
books or synthetic speech much at all. It makes me feel extremely tense to
try to understand rapid speech, human or synthetic. I know I am in the
minority as most blind people seem to prefer speech as fast as it can go. I
always marvel at the folks who ask if the Double Talk in the Book Port can
go any faster.

Joni, who must have a slow southern brain
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