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I go absolutely crazy when installing a new jaws, the default rate of 15
percent makes me want to get up and push something to speed him up.  I
probably run mine at about 50-60 percent depending on the task, and if I
have loads of time I may back off to 45% but have not done that in a long

Rose Combs

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I keep Eloquence at the percentage it's set to, when it installs. If I move 
it up, it gets t sounding stressed out, but then that's in my imagination 
since he isn't really stressed, he'sjust a voice. I turn off all those 
tutorial settings and adjust the voices so they are all the same one. For 
upper case I turn off the pitch and just make it say cap or capital. The 
sounds manager or whatever they call that is a nuisance but it works once 
you conquer it.


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