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I am one of those people who crank up the speech fast on a NLS player or
speech synthesizer.  My only complaint about the Book Port is that I could
handle the Double Talk faster than he already goes.  

I don't have the time generally to deal with a slow speaker, especially with
the volume of e-mail I am currently getting.  

Rose Combs

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Hi Joni,

Your difficulty in handling fast speech is not your slow southern brain
(which I bet isn't slow in reality anyway), its more a function of what you
can train yourself to get use to. The brain can process signals extreemly
rapidly if trained. 

I would almost guarantee that if you spent a few hours each day
concentrating and trying to slowly increase the speech rate you wold be very
surprised at how fast you will learn to understand faster rates of speech. I
think its a bit like speed reading. In speed reading, your first taught not
to just look at letters, but rather to look at whole words and learn to
recognize the word as a pattern. Then you are taught to look at a cuple of
words at a time and then a couple more and before you know it, your reading
a whole line just by glancing at it, then its two lines, then three and
suddenly a paragraph etc. A similar technique is taught to people learning
morse code - you don't actually listen for the dots and dashes, trying to
count how many of each therre are. Instead, you learn to just hear patterns.

Learning to handle faster rates of speech is similar. You end up not really
listening for each word, but rather groups of words or phrases. I find I can
handle very fast rates 80% of the time, but sometimes, especially when
listening to something relating to some topic which is really foreign to me
and which may have lots of new words or phrases, I have to slow things down
for a while until I get to recognize the patterns again. 


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