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MessageHello all,

These audio samples Neal wrote about are the exact ones i was requesting 
information about recently.  They are the Real speak voices, and are available 
from Nextup.com as well as many other speech synthesis options previously 
mentioned.  These are the best i have heard so far.  i especially love the 
Australian english voice as I think she sounds the most smooth.


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  Hy Neal thanks for the link. I was quite impressed.  The internation was not 
bad and the delivery sounded almost true to life.  It still has some way to go 
but I thought it was good.
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    Check out


    It's a freedom scientific page with some samples of voices they are 
beginning to use in some of their products.  Not real swell, but they are 
getting better.  the quality of the sound is not very good, but one can at 
least hear the intonation etc.  I'd be curious to know what people think.



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