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It probably doesn't effect your uploading but it can since there are many things that are settable in a router's operating firmware.

I had to go into my router's firmware screens and enable something called "upnp" which is a setting to allow some programs to open ports when needed. I specifically did this to be compatible with "x-box live" for my son. I don't know if it would have any baring on ftp.

A router has about 30 or 40 settings that can be customized from how long it allows a user to be idle to whether it allows remote access to your network and so on. To be honest I can't tell you which ones were set by default and which ones I had to reset. For example, mine was set to allow remote access and I shut that off for security and I also uninstalled the remote access software that came with my computer. Some manufacturer's use this to do tech support remotely but I'm not comfortable with allowing my machine to be accessed via the net.

Certain ports are used by particular types of traffic on your connection. For example, 21 is used for FTP and 110, and 25 are used for smtp and pop3 email transmissions. If these get shut down one would have problems.

   This isn't likely but I did have that problem in the past.-

Furthermore, if you have a router and it is configured properly, the Windows Firewall is not necessary at all. A hardware firewall is always preferable to a software firewall like Windows firewall. If one did not have a hardware firewall like the ones built into routers, the newer firewall included in Windows service pack 2 is an improvement over the original Windows XP version. So, therefore is another reason to make sure sp2 is installed.

Ftp actually uses 2 way communications, the client, you, initiates a connection to the host site's command port and then the server attempts to initiate a connection to your data port. A firewall may determine this attempt as coming from an intruder and block it. If you think that was happening you could contact tech support for your router to get help making the right settings. This is a widely known issue.

Otherwise, just try it again, uploading I mean, maybe the problem was a fluke.

Jeff Armstrong

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Yes, I do use a router. I don't see how it affects this issue but, anything is

Michael Killian K4MFK
Nashville, Tn

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