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I never asked, what speed is your connection? How do you connect to the internet, that is, hardware? For example, do you use a router? Dial-up, Cable, or DSL? What software do you use, as in, AOL, MSN, IE and if IE, what version? Routers have built-in firewalls and lots of settings which can block successful use of FTP sites. Also, if you use Internet Explorer, you want to make sure you have the latest version. Another thing, some people report that their internet provider sometimes disconnects them when they seem idle for a certain period of time and that would account for a cutting short of your upload. Usually, if you can log-in to the FTP server, then you should be able to upload to it. If your connection is dial-up, I wouldn't hold out much hope for uploading large files to the internet. Remember, your upload speed is capped, by your provider at a fraction of your download speed. For example, Comcast has the fastest residential service I know of at 8 megabyte, yet they still cap the upload speed at 768 kilobytes. My current provider, Earthlink, claims to be running my service at 3 megabytes but it always tests at about 1.5, and they cap the upload at some small fraction of this. Basically, your upload speed shrinks with your overall speed and is always locked at a fraction there of. I'm not sure about satellite these days, in the past, uploads were handled by phone and downloads by satellite. The capping is because most people only need upload capability to do page requests and so on. Those are tiny and infrequent. After all that stuff checks out and if you have a fairly quick connection, then their is most likely a software setting that is blocking you, like I said, most likely some part of your security settings in Windows or a hardware router or modem. Most newer DSL or Cable modems can be accessed in IE and have changeable settings as do the routers. My son plays internet based multi-player games through Microsoft's gaming site for "xbox", we took a long time to find that one setting in our router was blocking him from interacting with the site. My knowledge of ports and what each one does is limited but I do remember that FTP uses a certain port that sometimes gets closed by security measures like firewalls. If all else fails, contact your internet provider because these guys have seen it all and you can use them, usually for free, and it might save using a paid geek. Remember when those paid services don't know what to tell you they will almost always say, reformat the hard disk and start over. If you hear this, run! My Earthlink guy couldn't get the drivers for the router they supplied to work so he automatically told my daughter to reformat and re-install Windows. Luckily, I asked her what he was saying and told her to hang-up on him. 2 minutes on the internet found a post about a similar issue and included the fix. The internet is a better tech support than tech support.
Jeff Armstrong

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It seems that I can only upload the file as an ASCII file rather than a binary
file. Any ideas for correcting this?
Michael Killian K4MFK
Nashville, Tn

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