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A couple of thoughts - one is that this isn't a new problem. when the average person drove a Volkswagen beetle or a Ford Neanderthal with clattering tappets, you darn-well knew they were there. traffic has been getting a lot quieter over any years. And we're not all dead yet.

The second thought is that you can either live in cotton wool or you get out there with all the risks that that involves.

I'm not sure how many blind people do actually get killed on the roads - doesn't figure in any news headlines I've come across. All I know is that our health services are always complaining that they don't get enough organ donors, which is a grisly sort of comfort, I suppose.

At the same time, any blind person will want to minimise the risks, so I'm not averse to using any technological help I can afford to ensue I stay alive. Currently that's only a pair of shades and a cane I can wave at people, and that does me for most things. I am glad we have in the UK quite a lot of walk/don't walk style crossings, some of which vibrate underneath if they don't have an audible signal. That doesn't protect you from reckless drivers, but very little does, surely.

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Dan, you said, "For once, there is very little responsibility for the
blind traveler.  If
we cannot hear the auto in a noisy environment, we cannot hear it, there
no arguing this."

Playing the devil's advocate for a minute, I'm afraid there is, in fact,
an argument here.  I would be willing to bet that if there are several
18 wheelers in the street and one very quiet non-hybrid car, you may not
hear the car and might walk right out in front of it.  True, it wouldn't
make nearly as much of a mess than being run over by a semi, but there
are, I suspect, things we miss all the time because of other noises like
jack hammers, music from outside speakers in front of stores that mask
out a lot of sounds that make it unsafe for us.  I don't see any
legislation pending to help us with this.  True, the arrival of Hybrid
cars may make people stop and think about this a bit more, but there
will always be those who say, and rightly so, how far do we have to go?
Do we have to make sure that a car can be heard above the noise of a
large truck?  There is no way people will do this and there may not be
any technology to do it anyway without adding just more noise to an
already noisy environment which damages our hearing each time we are in
this environment.  OK, I'll take my devil's hat off now.


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Problem, of course, lies in the fact that drivers are notoriously inattentive. Many dead blind people and guide dogs testify to the obvious fact that we cannot trust the drivers. Notification of where a car is must be out of the driver's hands.

As we all know only too well, the sighted world generally is unconcerned

about meeting our needs.  This is w hy things like the ADA were
in the first place.  I dislike legislation, as it always has unintended
consequences of all kinds, but more than voluntary compliance will be
needed here to alleviate what will be a very significant problem in ten

If we allow, the manufacturers will say it is the driver's
responsibility.  The drivers will say it is the city's and state's
responsibility and there will be a spider web of finger pointing and
will be done.  It is all of their responsibilities.

For once, there is very little responsibility for the blind traveller.
we cannot hear the auto in a noisy environment, we cannot hear it, there
no argueing this.


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