[bct] Re: Running both Window-Eyes and JAWS on the same PC

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 07:40:27 -0600

yes, would never want to run them at the same time.

If this actullay happens, I am going to request a second PC, just for JAWS then I won't have any conflicts. But just wanted to know in case I do need to actually run both on the same system.


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Yes, I run both WE and JFW happily on the same computer. I can even run them at the same time, though hearing two voices with a slight delay can be somewhat interesting and they do interfere with each other if run simultaneously. I have not encountered any difficulties running both. Just make sure you have hot keys set for both engines so you can stop and start whichever you like, and don't have them both set to begin at startup, or you will have a bit of a mess.


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