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  • Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 19:45:12 -0500

*cuts fingers off with a hatchet* youch! Mooooohahahhaahahahahaha! Ummm,
could someone hand him a bandage?


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Pam, I have version 6.1 of Easy CD Creator and would be happy to do a
podcast, but others might have later versions.  I haven't updated and I
don't even know what the latest version is because mine does everything
I want to do? Does anyone have a later version and/or does someone else
want to do a podcast on this?  I'm miles behind on the ones I have
promised anyway.  Let's see, I have the Trace Center podcast, more on
Sound Forge, Model trains, more on the Kurzweil, the second microphone
placement podcast, Oh dear, As Larry said to me just recently, it's a
good thing I am retired.  However, I'm doing lots of consulting, working
on a new CD, volunteering at hospice and lots of other things as well.
Actually, a podcast about hospice could be interesting.  Oh, there he
goes again.  Do cut off his fingers so he can't type anything else.


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Subject: [bct] Roxio Easy CD Creator

What about the last accessable version of Roxio Easy CD Creator. Would
there be anyone out there interested in doing a podcast of that similar
in content to Nero?


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