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Hello again Rose,
Hurray!  Your life seems to be getting back on track, that's great.  Please 
accept my condolences on the loss of a family member.  Will keep you in my 
thoughts and prayers.

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  I got lucky, first, many of the files I thought were lost happened to be on 
my Husband's computer as he has more storage devices than I have.  I restored 
about 95% of what I thought was lost.  

  Second, we had tried to run something called Windows Transfer, and it worked 
partially, so almost all my podcasts which I have not been able to listen to 
and the documents I had in Word are all back, anything I had there before last 
Sunday is safe.  

  I spent much of today updating Windows XP Pro, installing optional like Media 
Player 10, working on getting my Braille Note to connect, setting up odd 

  Anyway, it looks like I may be mostly back in  business.  Only thing I sort 
of lost was a couple of small spreadsheets, and I have been able to find the 
original template so adding in the data I need is easy.  

  Trust me when I say installing Windows and then updating it is a long few 

  My only problem now is that my onboard sound card is not working, but my USB 
headset does work.  I am considering just buying another sound card and seeing 
how that goes, unless one of the updates I did today helped, my speakers 
crackle when I turn on now and did not earlier.  

  I moved up to Outlook 2003 or rather Office3 2003, a few changes, but not bad 
and Jaws 7 works with it.  I had been doing the betas of Jaws, but so far I 
have not gone back to that, next week, maybe.  I have to find Juice and 
reinstall it, I just have not had time today with all the other things I was 
doing and going to dinner with my stepmother to discuss some of the legalese 
that is resulting from a death in the family, normal stuff so far.  

  I want to get some sleep but that has been a rare commodity for me for the 
past three weeks or so.  

  Rose Combs

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  That's a shame about your hard drive; makes me want to do a podcast about 
backing up, but I don't want to rub salt in the wound, so to speak. It's a 
painful subject for you right now, and I don't want to cause any grief; my 
perspective is a bit different, coming from the background I come from; so I'll 
do it if anyone wants to hear a podcast on it. I am quite sure somebody else 
did a podcast recently about an alternative to system restore; that alternative 
could be used as a backup strategy, but there are many ways of accomplishing a 
backup, depending on your definition and what you consider is worth backing up.

  Mary Emerson
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