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Hi Graham. No ideas on your question -sorry about that! But I do agree with you that Rob Meredith did a great job. I also liked the podcasts where the different software engineers at APH talked a bit about their respective projects, and the APH tours. My family and I were in Louisville many years back visiting relatives, and we got a tour of APH. We really enjoyed going there and hope to be back someday. Off to check the rest of my email and then take a shower and get ready to go out for lunch.
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Excellent interview with Rob Meredith. He explains complex issues in plaon English (well Americanish anyway!). I really enjoyed this and now want to know more. My Physics and Maths is more than a little rusty but its on my to do list to read up on the Science of Sound a bit. Its a long list though.

A bit of an off topic question here. We don't have an internet connection at home so I was trying to write some of the Blind Coo, Tech programmes to CD so my wife could listen to them, Although the downloaded mp3 files play fine on my PC I keep getting a Stream Loss error when I try writing them to CD. Any ideas guys?


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