[bct] Re: Road N T 4 versus the A T 822

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Don, first just to let you know, you can hear them both on the
microphone placement podcast I did on the BCT site.

I like them both for different reasons.

1.  The Rode is quieter, but only if you are using phantom power.  The
cable they give you to connect to the mike when using the 9 volt battery
and going into unbalanced inputs such as on the Edirol, the Microtrack,
or a minidisk machine, etc., has a strange circumstance that makes the
mike actually have more noise.  In this setting, or shall I say with
this cable, it is actually more noisy than the Audio Technica AT822.

2.  I like the stereo separation of the Audio Technica AT822 better
because it is at 110 degrees instead of 90 degrees.  Thus, things seem
to be in a wider stereo spectrum.  Well, actually they really are.  It's
inherent noise is not as quiet as the Rode when used with phantom power,
but it is quieter than the Rode when using the unbalanced cable.
You can buy an Audio Technica AT825 that works with phantom power, but
the noise specs are the same as with the 822.

3.  The Rode picks up more noise when hand holding it.  In fact, you
really can't hand hold it, it makes too much noise in your hand.  The
Audio Technica will pick up hand noise too, but as the shaft of the mike
is a more normal size than the Rode, you can get some quite inexpensive
shock mount systems to either hand hold or put on a stand.  The diameter
of the Rode is larger and not as standard and thus a shock mount will be
more expensively.

4.  The Audio Technica has a bass roll off switch.  The Rode does not.

So, did you want the long winded answer after all?



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Neal Which mic do you like the best the road n t 4 or the a t 822. I may
the better one of these mics. 

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