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Hello everyone and also Riz if you are still here.  I think what Riz
doesn't understand is that there has been a moderator on this list from
day one.  It has been Larry.  He has had the responsibility to ask
people to take their posts off list.  He did not do this, and I am
unlikely to do so either in that we both agree with how the list should
be managed.  He and I both felt that the discussion on religion was the
only thing that should be discussed else where.  So, let's go on having
fun and learning about a lot of things with no fear that you will be
asked to do anything but what we have been doing.  And, as Larry said,
if there is a discussion that comes up in the future that seems divisive
where people are bashing other people's opinions, say on the subject of
politics, yes, I will ask people to take this kind of a discussion off
list and I suspect Larry would have done so as well.

This is a list designed to talk about podcasts.  And, as we have all
learned, we cover lots of things beyond that.  We have talked about ways
to make it easier for people who only want to know about podcast
subjects or subjects related to making podcast to be able to use the
list more efficiently.  One way we have of doing this is by making sure
our subjects fit the message.  I don't think that is too much to ask.
I'm not going to jump down anyone's throat if they forget to do this and
I am likely to be one of the first ones to forget.  So, let's continue
being friends and learning from each other.

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Sorry to see you leave Riz, I hope you will come back again.

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Hy all, I have enjoyed my time on this list, I have learned so many
things and have grown in so many ways as a result.  Their has been alot
of descussion over changes on the list and as a result things have
changed.  For many people perhaps things have changed for the better
however I do not count my-self in this group.  The imformality that was
sutch a vital part of the list has now been curtailed turning the list
into a slightly more structured list with more rules and regulations.
The origenal self-regulatry standard that was adopted was fine for me
and seamed to be perfect.  How ever now with the appointment of a
moderater things have become more formal and a result of this would be a
largely formal list with people being over corcious, shying away to
voice their oppinion so as not to have a responce from the Moderater
telling them that their out of order.  I am not in favour of anything
offencive or profane but I did feal that since we are all adults we were
able to discuss things in a mature and sensible manner with out having
to adopt the moderater system.  Neal I wish you all the luck with the
new post and I know that it will sute many of the people who are on this
list, but I am not one of them and so have decided to leave the list.
Once again thank you for answering all of my questions all who did take
the time and trouble to do that.  I will continue to create podcasts
exclusive to Blind cool tech, the best podcast on the planet.  So
fairwell and Thank you.


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