[bct] Re: Riz says goodbuy

  • From: Tim Cross <tcross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 00:59:18 +1100

Well said Dan. This is what I was trying to express, but to be honest,
I've just returned from a nice dinner out celebrating a friends
birthday and possibly too much fine red wine has passed the lips for
me to be as eloquent. 

I'd really like to try and encourage Riz to just wait for a couple of
weeks and see if he atually notices any great change in the list
posts. I suspect it won't be as I agree with your observation that
Neal is not going to be a moderator in the stricter form of that term
- list administrator, in my opinion would be a better term.


The Scarlet Wombat writes:
 > I think Riz may misunderstand the role of the list moderator.  Some think 
 > that a moderator means the person approves each post.  I have a picture of 
 > Neal doing this as he pulls his hair out and spills Scotch in his best 
 > microphone.
 > The term is, perhaps, a misnomer as this is not a moderated list.  That 
 > term means a list where each post is approved or disapproved on an 
 > individual basis.  Perhaps calling Neal the list administrator would be 
 > more accurate, just as Larry was list admin before him.
 > Dan 

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