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First, I'd also probably be more comfortable writing about my career than I
will recording it but, I hope to get there soon.  

An uncle came to visit when I was in college, one I had not seen since I was
about two years old.  I served him his coffee the first morning he was with
us, and then we went to the lake and rode in our boat, he said he was afraid
to do it but figured if I did he could.  

We had steak for dinner, and I started cutting mine up and was doing great
but then I went to take my first bite and we were in a small camper, I stuck
my fork in and the whole plate slid off the table into my lap and then onto
the floor.  So much for making an impression!  

Of course my mom and stepfather and uncle really laughed about it.  

There are foods I don't order out, soup is one, Spaghetti is another.  I
also discovered a few years ago after I sprained my right wrist and then
developed tendinitis that I can not gracefully use a fork in my left hand.  

Rose Combs

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That was about as enjoyable as listening to a career cast. Well done. You
mentioned allowing your spouse to help with cutting a steak. This is
something I let my wife do quite a lot for several years, but I am trying to
become more proficient at cutting meat. Why am I rambling on about cutting
meat? Because for several weeks now I considered asking Larry to do a
podcast on restaurant etiquette. Does he ever accept help with any food
items? Does he stay away from things that are difficult? Does being sighted
previously put him in a better position to deal with food items than someone
who has been blind since birth? The NFB makes asking for help in a
restaurant seem like a crime. If I am misreading their philosophy, I will
stand corrected. I will admit that when I am out with the guys it is a bit
awkward to ask for help with cutting meat; much more awkward than when it's
just my wife and me. This is why I am working to really increase my skills
in this area. I'd be interested in hearing from others on this subject.
Incidentally, I didn't find anything to speak of regarding dining etiquette
last time I checked Fred's Head, although I did find my own AccessWatch
site. That was cool. I'll be braced and ready for any responses I get to
this post. (smile) Don't be too hard on me. Thanks and happy Halloween.


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