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  • From: "Reed Poynter" <Reed.Poynter@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 11:46:00 -0800

Well, I guess it's time for me to do my intro.  I've put it off long

I'm a 55 year old x mainframe computer programmer (programmer being a
generic term) living in Langley, British Columbia Canada.  (Langley is just
outside of Vancouver B.C.).  

I have been married (to the same lady) for 26 years. We have three children;
21, 19 and 16.

As a result of an inherited eye disease which causes a splitting of the
retina, I was born very short sighted .  Most of the sons on my mother's
side of the family are short sighted.  At the age of 11, it took about 6
months for me to become totally blind.  I am 1 of about 3 or 4 in our entire
family tree who have lost all of our eye sight.

When I lost my eye sight, my parents were terrific when they told me,
"You're going to be blind.  So, get used to it."  
As a result, I learned to travel on my own, be independent as possible and
to view blindness as a pain in the ass rather than a disability.  I'm not
afraid to ask for help, but, will do what I can on my own.  

For the first 30 years as a blindy, I travelled using a white stick.  
My greatest travel adventure was when, at the age of 24, I travelled "all by
myself" to Japan and ended up staying for 6 months.  I tutored English,
studied Japanese and had a blast.     

About 15 years ago, we moved to a home that sits on 2.5 acres and thought it
would be great to have a dog.  So, off I went to Guide Dogs For The Blind in
California.  McTavish was a golden retriever who turned out to be allergic
to everything in the world.  What a mess he was.  After trying numerous
remedies, I had to return him to Guide Dogs.  That was sad.
A few months later, I returned to Guide Dogs and was matched up with yellow
lab Farley.  What a great guy he was.  Farley was a fantastic guide when he
had to be and was perfectly happy to snooze in the office when he was not
working.  My work mates referred to him as my manager ("well, he's doing
about as much as your manager.").  In his later years, Farley developed
problems with his lower back and hips.  Farley, at the age of 14, died two
weeks and a half ago on Feb 11th.
I started my computer career in Vancouver in 1977 with a 2-year stint at
B.C. Hydro.  I then spent 5 years in Halifax with Maritime Tel & Tel, 3 in
Winnipeg with the Gov. of Manitoba Dept. of Highways and Transportation and
finally retired after 17 years with B.C. Tel (now named TELUS).  Except for
early pc applications design/development stuff in Winnipeg, all of my
computer work was with the large IBM mainframe computers.  In the earlier
years of my career, I did a fair amount of design/development work and later
on found my niche in systems support.

For about the last year of my time at TELUS, I wasn't really happy with the
management of the organization; especially regarding the treatment of
management employees.  So, I wasn't extremely disappointed when I became a
victim of the old reorg.   In April of last year, the company and I parted

So, at the ripe old age of 55, my wife refers to me as a kept man.  I
suppose at some point along the way, I'll have to find something meaningful
to do.

That's about it for my intro.

Regarding the BlindCoolTtech list, I am hear to pick up a few tips.  If I
feel I have something to contribute, I'll throw my comments out there.
Careful, I'm told I have a goofy sense of humor.

I'm out of here.  Have fun. 


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