[bct] Re: Recordings on the Olympus ws320M

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  • Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 13:37:50 -0700

Is it simply a bit difference from 96 to 64 and is it that noticable of a
difference?  For example, does the Olympus provide better recordings in a
conference type mode (where you are quite a bit away from the speaker for


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No way Jeeff.  That Iriver gives a much better recording, but the Olympus is
easier to use and does a desceent job.

The 320M supports protected WMA, according to its manual, but I have not
been able to make this work.
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Subject: [bct] Recordings on the Olympus ws320M

> Hello Everyone,
> I seem to recall some podcasts from Larry about issues with recordings 
> on the Olympus 320M.  Can anyone advise as to this?  I am looking at 
> buying one for my trip to CSUN as I think it will provide better 
> quality then my
> IFP899
> Iriver.  What do you think?
> What bit rate does the 320M support?
> Has anyone gotten Overdrive or Net Library (protected wma) files to 
> work with the 320M?
> Jeff Bishop

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