[bct] Re: Recommendations for a usable multitrack recorder.

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I was thinking of getting a USB mic like the Sampson C01U like Leo talked about on TWIT. How would I, if I used it, record software reviews and still get jaws in? Is there cheap software that would do it as I imagine you'd have to then run 2 tracks.

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Hi, I didn't know about this one.  Thanks for bringing it up.  For
people on the list, I have pasted some information below.
It sells for a bit over $600 but can be gotten for around $450.

Tascam DP01FX description:
Twenty-five years after the introduction of the first Portastudio, the
new DP-01FX 8-track Digital Portastudio makes hard disk recording
affordable and
simple enough for all musicians. Continuing TASCAM's "Capture Your Art"
campaign of making recording approachable to all musicians, the DP-01FX
the one-knob-per-function design that has made TASCAM cassette
Portastudios the choice of thousands of musicians.
list of 17 items
. 8-track recording at uncompressed CD quality into a built-in 40GB hard
. 2-track simultaneous recording
. Dedicated stereo mixdown track
. Dedicated controls on each channel for volume, pan, EFX send, EQ high
& EQ low
. Two-band semi-parametric EQ per track
. Two 1/4 " TRS mic/line inputs
. Two phantom powered XLR microphone inputs (DP-01FX only)
. Guitar level input
. Built-in reverb processor (DP-01FX only)
. Built-in insert effects processor (DP-01FX only)
. Effects send and stereo return
. RCA line output
. S/PDIF digital optical output
. Headphone output w/level control
. MIDI Timecode Output
. USB 2.0 port for computer backup
. Track editing: copy, paste, move, erase, silence

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What kind of multi tracking will you be doing?
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OK, now that I've introduced myself, here's one of the big questions I

wanted to ask, aside from podcasting and all that good stuff.  I'm
looking for a usable multitrack recorder ,and I was hoping some people

here had recommendations.  I know the big thing is recording with
computers these days, but mine is too noisy to do that.  Not to
mention, the software is actually more expensive than some multitrack
recorders, and you also lose portability.

So far I've been looking at the Tascam DP01FX:


It supposedly has a one function per knob design, and though it has
menus, apparently you can do a lot of things without them.  Plus, you
can send stuff to the computer, so I could edit it with GoldWave or
whatever.  I'll happily listen to any suggestions, if people can find
ways of solving my computer noise issue I'll consider that too.  But
I'm sort of thinking a multitrack recorder might be the way to go.

Part of this is the portability, as I said.  I have a Sony MZRH910
minidisc recorder, and I like being able to just hook it up and
record. So I'm thinking a multitrack recorder would have similar
advantages. Hopefully, somebody has some suggestions, heh.

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