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Oh, I thought they were bought out. The one thing about real I don't like is that they don't even like you to convert unprotected stuff to another format. I hate how real messes with the volume. I'm sure if they knew of the real alternative program that that would become a goner. I know Apple doesn't seem to do anything about third-party software that plays Quick Time.

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I sure wish I could answer that one.  Who ever it was was some kind of vice
president of the company or something because the actual company president
quit and so did quite a few others at the top.  Well, anyhow, who ever it
was must have decided that we blind users don't really matter anymore
because I sent three e-mails to their so-called accessibility department;
and, not one answer; I mean not ONE SINGLE answer.  Not even an
acknowledgement of my messages.

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Subject: [bct] Re: Real Music Store.

Who took over real? I heard real is really a dying format. I liked the
liquidaudio thing when it was around. Their DRM model was nice to in that
you had a passport that you could copy anywhere but it had your credit card
info in it so people wouldn't pirate them. I had a Billy Ray Cyrus album I
bought there that is good no longer because of their demise.

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Subject: [bct] Re: Real Music Store.

I don't much like the newest version of Real player. to get in to the "my
library" section, you press alt+v for view then you press the l key for
library". What used to happen was that you got taken to the "my library
section from which you could navigate to anything you wanted to hear;
including your purchased music from the Real 10 Music store. Now, though,
what happens when you do the alt+v for view and l for "my library" is that
this web page opens up and all you can see is something which says, "click
here to find out more". There's no links or other navigation on this page
and you have to use the Jaws curser for absolutely everything here. I
to the accessibility department of Real Networks about this; but, they
haven't even bothered to answer me. Ever since the take over of Real
Networks, they have never bothered to even reply to my messages with an
apology or anything. before they got taken over, they used to be good at
responding. As for the Real alternative, I don't think it allows you to
access the music store at all nor the library section.

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Subject: [bct] Real Music Store.

Hi, Marsha here. If any of you have worked with the realnetworks.com
store, I purchased an album. They tell me to go to My Library or
like that to play this. I assume it is in the Library music store or
something like that. They tell you to click the My Library side bar or
something like that and I don't seem to know where that is. I have also
heard of Real Alternative. Can anyone guide me to this and anything about
how to use it?
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Subject: [bct] Re: Help for DVD audio extractor

Hey all,

In hopes of helping someone else out, regarding using DVD audio extractor
from beginning to end here's a written tutorial but an audio tutorial
be much, much better.

1. To insure we're all on the same page, start at the desktop with all
programs closed.
2. place your DVD in your computer's disk drive and make sure it doesn't
launch any software to play it automatically.
3. under start menu then programs up arrow to or find your way to DVD
Extractor and hit enter.
4. hit enter on the DVD Audio Extractor option. I should also note that
can find the help files under this submenu, and the help files are
incredibly accessible. You can read the help files as easily as reading
jaws help files with the f6 key.
5. when DVD Audio extractor launches, if you're computer is configured
mine, you should hear your CD drive start spinning.
6. Tab through the very accessible prompts, and after about 3 tabs make
the correct drive your DVD is in is highlighted--it should be by default.

7. Here's the tricky part. tab until you hear something like: "title 02
along with a time stamp of somekind. down arrow to select a title then
enter. At this point tab once and the title you selected will be in an
field alerting you to the fact that it has been chosen. Prior to
any title this edit field would have been clear conveying to you that
not selected any title at all. Here's the key to this. Turn on the JTP
to pc) and read from the top of the page down about 3 lines. You should
across text that says: "Select all chapters." Left click on that icon to
execute the select all command. This is important because rather than
up with one chapter of the DVD selected, you will select the whole DVD as
complete file--cool, cool, cool!! Tab to Next and hit enter. Don't screw
and hit enter on next chapter--it has to be the "next" option.

8. You will now be taken to a dialogue where you can make modifications
the audio output of the file including selecting your file to be
into .MP3, .ogg and others. You can also select the type of audio quality
such as mono, stereo, and I believe 5.1 surround sound. Make your
then tab and hit enter on next.
9. This is also important: tab through these choices and make sure you
the "output location" edit field where you can specify where you want
files to go. I would create and choose a folder that is easy to find on
hard drive such as C:\Rips.
10. Tab to the checkbox that says: Split tracks by chapters checkbox
unchecked," and leave it alone. If it is checked pres spacebar to
tab to Next and hit enter.
11. This is the last step. Tab through the choices and make your
Hit enter on start to begin the process.

General comments:
I'm running the free unregistered download without a single problem-see
links below. I ripped the audio from a DVD totaling 2.5 hours in 54
I was able to use my computer just fine until about half ways through the
audio rip then my computer started slowing down a little so I stopped
was doing to let it finish doing its thing and all went well. You can use
your JTP to read the progress. The 2.5 hour DVD came out to a 147 meg
file. I compared the newly created audio file with the original and there
no significant loss of quality if any at all, but I've not cranked up my
computer to run a thorough quality assessment. Besides the JTP selection
quirk this is a very, very accessible piece of software. This software
$30 and it is very well worth it. I've not heard the final ogg file yet
don't know if there are any computer clicks or static in the file. I
emphasize enough how important it is to know exactly where your completed
file will end up. I lost the same exact copy of this file in my computer
first time I tried this software successfully. Looks like this software
definitely make my commute seem much shorter while catching up on all my
favorite entertainment.

This link will take you to the website where you can download a 30 day

This link will take you to a tutorial page where you can read up on how
make a good .ogg audio rip of your DVD.

Big thanks to John Schucker for being the first person to turn me on to

J Garcia
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> J, if you get the newest version, it is 3.something, the items on the > various screens are a lot more accessible than the older 1.5 version.
> one of the screens, you specify the directory where the files are to
> go.
> Mhy problem with it seems to be that it records about 15 to 25 minutes
> then stops, never finishing the extraction.  It won't even play beyond
> point on the dvd, so I may be dealing with some bum dvds.
> Dan
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