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  • Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 06:39:13 -0700

Hi Ray and list,

Well Ray, I guess you're getting even with me for stealing your thunder in the 
chat room. Listening to your podcast got me so hungry for hot dogs and 
hamburgers that I added a few items to the grocery order and got some Morning 
Star Farms hot dogs and grillers; although they are actually vegetable protein, 
I think the hot dogs especially are quite tasty and, if you smother them with 
enough mustard and ketchup--one or both--they are quite good. They are 
pre-cooked too, so all that's necessary is to heat them in the microwave for a 
minute or so. But, summer is a-coomin' in, as the British song says, and there 
is nothing so good as these foods and a huge helping of potato salad, and your 
favorite beverage. Oh no, forgot to order root beer! (sigh)

Your deep fat fryer also intrigued me and I love hearing how it works, 
including the fact that it's completely closed in when the food is cooking, so 
no need to worry about splattering grease. I guess when I was learning to cook, 
this sort of thing wasn't available yet. 

Thanks for a great podcast!

Mary Emerson
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