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Mary, I suspect podcasts will cause legal minds to think hard about what
is and what is not legal when doing a podcast.  On the one hand, people
are not having to pay for the music you might use, but the laws seem to
be more strict than that.  For example, I belong to a dance club and
even though some of the dances are free, the club was almost sued
because they didn't get permission to play the CDs they were using at
the dance.  It is a shame that we can't share music, and mind you, I'm
no legal scholar on this.  But my guess is that we should be on the safe
side because getting kicked off a podcast list is one thing, but being
sued is quite another matter.  I'll see what I can find on your idea of
playing music in the background.  That sounds less likely to be a
problem, but I don't really know until I check with some friends of mine
who know a lot about this kind of stuff.  But, as I said, podcasts are a
new thing, and laws don't always catch up quickly, so I won't be
surprised if they don't know.  I know I haven't answered your question.
That's because I don't know the answer.  Perhaps I'll learn something to
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I thought of copyright also; Lynnette, there is a rather stern warning
when you sign up for Libsyn that says that posting copyrighted material
on podcasts could result in being taken off the service, so that's why I
can't post Christmas music favorites as I thought about doing. People
could take those files, download them, and pirate them, making their own
CD's and selling them for profit which is against the law. I think
having music in the background would be ok, especially parts of it, and
giving credit at the beginning and end of the podcast would be ok. At
least I hope so! If it's not ok, I would have to ditch the idea
mentioned previously. 

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