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You probably already found this.  It sounds interesting.

Complete portable DJ controller & multichannel USB audio interface for
your desktop or laptop. DJ's can now instantly locate, play, mix,
sample, loop, scratch
and remix digital music--including MP3s, WMAs and CDs--with the Hercules
DJ Console and a desktop or laptop PC. Features includes two vinyl-style
jog wheels
for spinning and scratching, with finger grips for rapid, accurate song
searching or speed adjustment, crossfader for seamless mixing between
the two decks
and six ergonomic potentiometers and bass/medium/treble controls for
creative remixing on the fly.

? 2 rotary encoders and 2 sliders for tweaking volume or changing the
speed of music in real time
? 28 buttons to play/pause songs, speed music up or down, add effects,
cue points, loops and more
? A soft rubber ministick provides mouse emulation or allows for special
DJ FX control
? DJ/music software suite
? External multichannel USB sound card

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Greetings All.

On the subject of mixers: Has anyone any in depth experience with the
Hercules mixer (Model: 4780287  |  Catalog #: 32-2060) from Radio Shack?


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