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Beth, we don't know the answer to that one either.  I have talked to
about 5 places that sell the Edirol.  None of them even know when the
new one is coming out.  Sound professionals said in April, but I got
them to admit that this was a guess based on when it was first shown.
If I had to guess, I would guess that they will discontinue the r-1
because they will now have two products in about the same price range,
but this is only a guess.  The other question is, will they drop the
price of the r-1 if, in fact, it will be discontinued.  Once again, I
don't know and if I wanted one, I'm not sure I would wait for an unknown
price drop.  A couple people I talked with said they thought the mike
pre-amps and other electronics probably would be about the same as the
r-1 because they thought one would have to raise the price of the r-9 to
get better electronics, but this is also a guess.  People seem to be
guessing about a lot of things.  I have seen the retail price at
somewhere around $450 and the actual purchase price at about $399.  But
who knows if this is true or not.  So, nothing I have said has shed any
light on the subject because, at this point, there is little light to be


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I agree with Neal's statement that we don't yet know the R9's
accessibility. How long after the R9 is out will the R1 be unavailable,
do you think, guys? Beth

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