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Hi Rick.
Thanks, I got that figured out first thing.
Ps. CAn somone tell me how to lock or unlock a file? I thoughtr I knew but it didn't work. How do you make sure you're locking the right file.

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I think most of us stick pretty much to defaults actually. The
only thing I
change is conference / dictation level and I believe you press
and hold the
menu button in tilldown arrow once and press enter again and then
press the stop button to get
out of menus. Not sure how to do anything else since the
defaults are good
for me.



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Subject: [bct] Questions about the olympus

My recorder arrived today.  I'm having trouble which menus are
which.  CAn someone send me a list of what is in each menu and
how to access it?

What I need are things like volume and recording quality and
I listened to the reviews but I need a little more help.  I even
took notes, but I don't think they were clear.

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