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Neil, can you call Steve at:
ask for Steve at x313
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Hi, If the people who did the demo of this phone are on line, I have a
few questions that they or someone else may be able to help with.
I owned a LG4500 phone until last week when I was robbed at the grocery
store.  Boy! what an experience.  Anyway, I now have a 4650 and I have
been trying to find out from both Verizon and LG about the cable needed
to download sounds and contacts into the phone.  I haven't had any luck.
Let me digress for a moment.  You can skip the next paragraph if you
wish.  As a matter of fact, here is where we all come in, because I have
had no luck at all with either Verizon or LG on any disability question
I have asked them.  For example, I wanted to know how to make the digits
speak as I dialed the number.  Verizon customer service and technical
support told me to go into TTY mode.  I said, "Do you really want me to
do this?"  Yes, she said.  Of course, I knew what would happen, but I
did it just to show her.  Of course, the phone would no longer speak any
of the menus.  So I asked her if I was to assume that because I was
blind she also thought I was deaf, or was it just that she didn't know
her product?  She told me to call LG for the answer.  So, I did exactly
that.  I was told by LG that this feature was no longer available in
this phone.  Funny thing.  When she told me which menus to go to in
order to verify that it could not speak the digits, she was more than a
bit surprised to hear them being spoken.  In short, I suspect I will get
more help on various products from this list than I ever will from
people who sell or make them.  This is one reason I suggested to Larry
that such a list be created.  I think we will all find it useful in this
regard.  But, now, back to my original question.
The podcast on blind cool tech suggested that one could get a cable to
connect to the phone and download sounds that one had created and not
just the ones you purchase from Verizon.  It also suggested that one
could download contacts.  Thank you for giving me the names of the
applications that allow one to do this, but what I don't know is where
to get the cable and if I can, in fact download sounds I have created.
If so, what format do they have to be in?
Thanks for any help on this and thanks to Larry for making this list

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