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Hi Kelly,
Me and my wife purchased an Olympus DM-20 from J and R Music world at $200
for the same reasons. We wanted a high quality sound recorder that could
also record short mono memos which could be easily copied into a computer,
plus with the ability to play MP3 and WMA songs purchased on the internet.
It does all that with 4 hours and 20 minutes of record time on a 128 MB
flash memory but unlike the DS2 it does not record at the 128 KBPS sampling
rate but the lesser quality 64 KBPS one.
                        Overall Frequency Response  is 300 to 8,000 Hz
I think Larry said that The ds2 is 100 to 17,000 Hz.
So if you need the extra recording time and don't mine the lesser quality
recordings and want the ability to play all types of music it might be the
one to get.

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> Hello All,
> Apologies if this has previously been asked on the list since I joined
> a few days ago.  I have listened to the various reviews on digital voice
> recorders and am giving serious consideration to purchasing the Olympus
> I'm leaving on a trip in a few days and want something to record some
> and can get this product locally.
> I was wondering how products like the Olympus DM 20, which seems to
> a music player with voice recorder, compare with the straight Olympus DS2?
> If the recording functions are the same I'd be interested in combining the
> two abilities into a single product.
> Also, if anyone has suggestions on a good microphone for picking up sounds
> from the environment around me I'd appreciate hearing them.  Again due to
> lateness it likely has to be something I can either pick up locally in the
> Seattle area or buy online.
> Thanks,
> Kelly

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