[bct] Re: Question for Neal on the SD 722

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Hello Dan, here is the scoop on the menus.

1.  When you turn on the recorder and go to a menu item and then leave
the menus, your place will be remembered when you go back into the
menus.  So, If you are on Low Cut frequency when you exit, this is where
you will be when you return to the menus.

2.  The list of main menus does scroll.  But, there is only one level of
menus below the main menu level, and this second level does not scroll.
You can always go to the top or bottom and count from there when you are
in the second level.

3.  When you turn off the recorder and turn it back on again, you will
always be at the first main menu when you enter the menus.  So, even
though this first level of menus does scroll, there is always a way to
get back to the top.

I normally don't like to promote one company over another, however.  You
might want to give Turner Audio a call on this recorder.  They are one
of the largest distributors of this recorder and Buzz Turner is very
knowledgeable on the subject.  This is where I purchased my recorder and
he is rather aware of the challenges that people who are blind might
have.  You can tell him I sent you.  You won't get any discount, but if
you do mention Neal Ewers, he will know a good deal at that point about
where you are coming from.

Turner Audio
203 270 2933

Good luck to you, and if you have other questions, I would be glad to

Neal Ewers

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Neal, if you are here, I have a question on the SD 722 you
good review, by the way.

You said that the menus always reset to the top and do not continuously 
scroll, but the engineer at True Audio says they do scroll past the end
the top and always return to where you were when you left them.  Which
you is correct on this as it will probably mean the difference between
and something else.



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