[bct] Re: Question about the Verizon 2650 phone

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Hi, I see no mention of Verizon here.  Nextel Motorola is the only thing
I find mentioned.  I do know that you can add ring tones to the Verizon
4650, because they did it in the podcast on the phone on the blind cool
tech site.


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Check it out.

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Are you talking about the LGV4650?  I assume that you are.

I baught a cable from Verison that lets me use the phone to do data
from it, and that cable had software with it that lets you enter
into it that then get pushed out to your phone.  However, I did not see 
anywhere in that software where it would let you edit or send ring tones
the phone.  The cable with software was $39.95.

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: Does anyone know where one can go to down load the software that
: you to put your own ring tones that you have recorded into this phone.
: I would also like to be able to edit my contacts on my computer and
: download them to the phone which I think you can also do, but I don't
: know what software I need for this.
: Of course, this is another cell phone option.  It is the one I have,
: I wish now I had purchased a screen reader, but at the time I
: my contract, the screen readers were not that robust.  That's progress
: for you.  Each time you buy something, something better comes out.
: Verizon phone does talk and there is a demo on BCT, but it only speaks
: the top two levels of menus.  OK, so they got it half right.  Now I
: just enough to know what I can't do.  Actually, it's a bit better than
: that.  I can do all the things I need to do except text message which
: probably wouldn't use anyway.
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