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Yes, but the DS-2 manual speaks of being able to record also at 2 hours 10
minutes, 4 hours 20 minutes, and on up to 24 hours, I think. Just wondering
what some of those longer record times sound like. I realize not all those
record times are WMA format. 

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The DS2 only gives you 1 hour at top quality 128 kbps.  The ws200s gives you
4 hours, but it is only at 64 kbps.  You can double that by switching to
mono.  The sound is not really bad, it is just noticeably less than what you
get on the DS2.

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In reading the manual, it appears that stereo SP mode will give 2 hours ten
minutes of recording time. I assume this samples at 64K instead of 128K. Is
this correct? If so, it would lengthen the record time for special
situations without seriously degrading the sound quality. While the Ws-200S
sound isn't great, it is at least acceptable in my opinion. How much
degradation is there in some of the slower speeds?

Jamie Pauls, MT-BC

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