[bct] Re: Question about overdrive software and downloaded library books

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Thanks Michael.  I was told that I could move the books to my MP3 player
as long as it was supported.  thanks for the tip about the Windows Media
player update.  Do you find it easy to relocate your place in a book in
Windows Media player?  I may have to do a bit of playing around and see
what I can find.  Perhaps I'll do a podcast if no one has already done
Again, Thanks for the help.  I'll let you know off line if I need more.
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I use it all the time.  I'm not sure if it will let you move the book
directly from within Windows Media Player.  I have not attempted to do
it that way.  I use the software they provide (which loads it in to
Media Player) and then use Media Player to finish the process.
The other part of this might be the licensing that is going on.  You
have to install or update a security feature within Media Player before
you can do much of anything with these books.
Please feel free to contact me off list if you need more help.
Hope this helps,

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Subject: [bct] Question about overdrive software and downloaded library

Hi list friends.  has anyone had experience downloading library books
and using the Overdrive software that some libraries are using to allow
you to read their books on your computer or on a supported MP3 player?
Our library supports this, but the person couldn't tell me how to get
the book from some place in the depths of Windows media player to my
Sandisk player.  I suppose I could go download the software and just
figure it out, but I thought perhaps some of you may have had experience
with this.  If so, any help you can offer would be appreciated.  I want
to download a book and copy it to my Sandisk player which I know is a
supported player. 
Thanks for your help.

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