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Greetings Mary.
I think you two are actually referring to the device's encoding bit
rate, and not the sample rate. Most recorders automatically record at
44.1 KHZ sampling rate anyway, if they're planning to do WMA/MP3
compression on the destination file.
I really want them to fix the Edirol R1, then perhaps I'll  purchase the
second-generation model.
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Kelly, The WS320M has a lower sampling rate than the DS2; the rundown on
the 320M is: 64 bit as opposed to 128 bit sampling rate, WMA files for
both machines, and the 320M has much more memory. The DS2 only has 64
meg of memory, but the 320 has a gigabyte, which is 1,024 meg, so it
holds a lot more. It also plays MP3 files. You don't need to install
software for either machine, although the DS2's software will let you
adjust the menu settings from the PC, which you can't really do with the
320. To get the menu adjustment function, though, you have to get the
additional license which is ten dollars on-line; they e-mail you the
license information. The software that comes with the DS2 out of the box
won't let you set menu settings.
The plus side of the 320 is that I use it as an MP3 player for my
podcasts. Also, you can take the machine apart--it comes apart into two
parts, one with the battery, and the other with the main part of the
machine that exposes a USB plug; the USB can supposedly go directly into
the PC, but the machine comes with an extension cord that's a few inches
long and makes it much easier to plug in. I suppose that you could
probably just use any USB cable with the same type of jack on the end of
it if you needed a longer cord. I keep the machine taken apart because
it won't drain batteries that way. There is no way to totally turn off
the DS2 or the 320; batteries drain even when you've got the hold switch
The big selling point for me is the ability to play MP3 files. I just
love that because I can carry it around and hear podcasts. It has an
external speaker too which is good enough if you don't want to deal with
headphones. For the very small speaker size, it's fine.
By the way, there is now a case for the WS300, 310 and 320 machines. I
ordered one from olympusamerica.com a couple days ago; $20.73 including
the shipping and tax. The case doesn't come with the machine.
I still tend to use my DS2 for a lot of recording though. No way will I
give that up!

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