[bct] Re: Question about digital voice recorders

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  • Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 21:22:46 -0500

Thanks very much for your sage advice.  This recorder is very new to both of 
us; so, as you can imagine, it'll take a little time to understand all of it's 
functions.  But, we'll definitely be checking them out, and we'll get back to 
you with what we've managed to accomplish or not accomplish, as the case may be.


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  Maria and Lynnette,

  Another thing to think about is that there is a limited number of nested 
folders you can have in the WS320; I think you can only have one folder nested 
inside the music folder. I usually put my MP3 files directly into the music 
folder, and not in their own folders within the music folder. Most CD ripping 
software will allow you to do the following; this is an example:

  music folder contains:
  artist folder which contains
  album title folder which contains
  song 1.mp3
  song 2.mp3
  song 3.mp3

  But what I usually have is the following setup:
  music folder which contains:
  song 1.mp3
  song  2.mp3
  song 3.mp3

  I think you can have a folder within the music folder, but I don't do that 
since it is generally too confusing to navigate on a device that doesn't give 
any verbal feedback about which folder you are in.

  Also, be sure the mP3 file is a genuine MP3 file, not just a file with a 
changed file name. For example, you might have a file called song 1.wav but 
that type of file will not play on your WS320; if you change the name to song 
1.mp3 and put it in the 320, for one thing it won't fit; for another thing, if 
it fits and is very small, it won't play. Also, don't use any mP3 compression 
software because it changes the format of the file from a regular MP3 to a 
smaller MP3 that most likely won't work.

  I am not sure if WMA files will play in music mode either. I have never 
needed to test that.


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