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Dogs can do well in cold snowy weather and some people get boots for the
dog.  The Seeing Eye is located in Morristown NJ and Leader is in
Rochester MI and both these schools get some snowy cold weather.  A
guide dog can walk on a sidewalk covered with snowwithout any problemand
a cane user may have difficulty finding the exact location of the
covered sidewalk. The only problem I encountered was waiting for a bus,
I let my dog walk around me to help her stay warm instead of sitting at
my side.   
A guide dog school will select a dog which will work best for the
handler in their home conditions.  
For information about guide dog schools and other guide dog related
information visit: www.gdui.org.

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I have enjoyed hearing Larry's walks home with Jake.  I am not a 
guidedog user but have considered the possibility of getting one.  I 
did have a question regarding how the dogs do in climates where there 
is a good deal of winter weather.  I live in Iowa and, although this 
winter has been rather mild for the upper Midwest, we currently have 
about four and a half inches  of snow on the ground with temperatures 
a few degrees below zero.  That started me thinking about how well the 
dogs can work on cold snowy winter days.  Can they do an effective job 
as a guide in such weather?  Any feedback from any of you would be 
much appreciated. 


Bob Martin 


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