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Hi, Marsha here.  Yes, a guide dog can work around windy and sometimes
inclement weather.  If they are labs and other double-coated dogs, then they
will grow more hair to compensate for this frigid climate.  It is all in
what you tell your prospective school in what you want.  For instance, you
would tell your school should you decide to go, just the type of dog you
would like in terms of generalized characteristics, for example, a dog that
is used to the cold climates you describe.  I have heard of dogs who will
stop and you get to step high to get over the white stuff.  Also, if the
white stuff is an impediment, sometimes you just have to climb over it and
go on.  There are many ways to tackle a problem of snow and other conditions
which can make walking a particular hazard.  Hope this helps.
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> Hi,
> I have enjoyed hearing Larry's walks home with Jake.  I am not a
> guidedog user but have considered the possibility of getting one.  I
> did have a question regarding how the dogs do in climates where there
> is a good deal of winter weather.  I live in Iowa and, although this
> winter has been rather mild for the upper Midwest, we currently have
> about four and a half inches  of snow on the ground with temperatures
> a few degrees below zero.  That started me thinking about how well the
> dogs can work on cold snowy winter days.  Can they do an effective job
> as a guide in such weather?  Any feedback from any of you would be
> much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bob Martin

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