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Yes, certainly, and I presume you can use something like a QChord in different 
ways - I'm sure the way I've used my keyboard at times would surprise the 
manufacturers! <wry smile> OK I could just use it as a samba box if I wanted 
to, and everybody would get tired of it very quickly. But I can turn off all 
those built-in accompaniments and just play in real time, or program my own. In 
fact as time has gone on I've used it more simply as one more source of 
hopefully interesting noises. It might be good to know whether experienced 
players have any weird and wonderful uses for a QChord.


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  True, Mary,
  But fads are still fun!  <smile>

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    Shane and list,

    I heard the Q-Chord podcast but this isn't the sort of instrument I would 
want, because I much prefer keyboards on which I can create my own chords. I 
wonder if the Q-Chord is a bit of a gimmicky instrument; years ago, there was 
something called the Omni-Chord and it was a big deal back then; but it went 
out of fashion, and I doubt anyone owns one of those these days. There seems to 
be an ongoing effort to create new instruments that are a bit of a gimmick or 
fad. In the 1920s it was the Piano-lin, sort of a combination of a piano and a 
violin; in the 18th and 19th centuries there were glass tubes filled with 
liquid that produced tones when touched in a certain way. These types of 
instruments go in and out of fashion, and after just a decade or so, they 
become items for the museum. Not to dissuade you, but it's something I've 
noticed over the years. 

    Mary Emerson
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