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Program reviewsA couple of things:

First, it just may be that your sound card volumes won't work - I have seen one 
or two that just don't let you record decently.

I should check though - when you say things are really low, have you turned the 
volume back up when you're done?  Because of course if you record with a volume 
of 10%, then playback is naturally going to be quieter than that.

Some sound recording software also has the ability to maximise the volume 
without clipping, I believe - but I'm not sure which so if anyone can think of 
any, that may be another option for you.


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  Maybe it's a very bad microphone I use, but the sound level is very low.
  It's a NGS MS102 (price 5 euro (about $3 i think)
  Or maybe it's because it doesn't have a amplifier. 
  I also tried it with a SONY ECM-C10 microphone, but get same problem.

  To prevent clipping I have to set the volume of the "wave" to a max of 10%.
  and the mic to 100% with "mic boost"(in the advanced tab") to "on"

  My soundcard is a REALTEC AC97.
  So far, I can't find a PRE-AMP here in Holland.

  so, let me know if there are other programs to replace the windows volume 
control, or software pre-amps.



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