[bct] Re: Problem with SSI!

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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 10:57:52 -0800

Hi Mary,
I see where your coming from and I understand.
It's just lied welfare.
Some really do need it, and some are just too lazy to work.
I have no problem if they were to tell me that they can't help me, but I do 
when they want to charge me 29000 dollars, and they want it in a months time.
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  Hi list,

  I am sorry there are so many problems with VR and SSI. I have been away from 
all of that for 30 years so can't comment except that I am fairly sure rehab 
counselors have very heavy case loads due to cutbacks in funding and personnel, 
so although I can see that people are victimized by it, I do also sympathize 
with the counselors and case workers who have a very rough time trying to keep 
up with it. Also, I understand that rehabilitation agencies are no longer 
specialized for blind people but they have to handle everything from people 
with disabilities to, most likely, prisoners on parole, drug addicts, foster 
children, alcoholics, and who knows what else. I suspect rehab hasn't been very 
high on the priority list for the government these days.

  I also have to admit I am on the other side of the fence from many of you 
regarding SSI and SSDI. I am a tax payer and have been such for almost 30 
years. I have run into blind people locally who have less wrong with them than 
I have; they are blind, but I am blind and hearing impaired. I worked my butt 
off for years and paid taxes so these people who didn't lift a finger to find a 
job would sit around doing nothing and living off my tax money. It really made 
me angry and to be honest, it still does. I won't go into it any more because I 
know there's discrimination and prejudice out there and all of us have 
experienced it, and there are blind people who can't work due to other 
disabilities, but the blind people I have run into locally seem to be proud 
that they are living on SSDI or SSI and they don't realize that if it weren't 
for the rest of us paying taxes and working like crazy, they wouldn't be 
getting any payments at all. They just have no idea where their money comes 
from. I wish they'd go out and work a few 70 hour work weeks and see how it 
feels to be so exhausted you can barely think straight. 

  Ok, I'll shut up. I know many of you won't agree with me but thanks for 
listening anyway.


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