[bct] Re: Problem with SSI!

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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 10:35:59 -0800

Thanks Dan,
I know that it is hard to fight uncle Sam.
Its funny and ironic that with the cost of one of those bombs that they are dropping, or dropped, we could probably live our entire life!
Then they come after us over something like this.
Thanks for your info and your time to write back.
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Frank, sometimes, the Social Security Administration can be totally intractable. There are attorneys specializing in ssi cases. They get a fixed percentage by law, about 30%, I think. If all other avenues fail, you should consider this. Remember, there is a statue of limitations on claims, though I forget what it is just now.

Warning: Current federal case law says that there is no attorney-client privilege with administrative law cases. This means that your attorney can be forced to disclose anything he or she knows about you that might prejudice your case against you. It is a shame, but in federal administrative law, you can no longer reveal anything to your attorney that might be used against you. The Supreme Court has upheld this travesty, sadly.


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