[bct] Re: Problem with Mobile Speak?

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  • Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 04:36:16 -0500

Hi Missy.

I'm afraid you've got real hardware problems and are probably looking at a new phone. The good news is that Code Factory, if I remember correctly, will transfer your license for free in a case like that where the hardware fails.

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Subject: [bct] Problem with Mobile Speak?

Hello, all. I just got back from spending the day with my grandmother, and
wanted to write this list to see if any of you might be able to help me
resolve a problem I'm having. All I can say is that the fung just never
quits around here. :(
My computer was dead the majority of last week, and now it would appear
that my cell phone wants to foolow in the computer's footsteps.
Unfortunately, I'm less optomistic regarding a happy ending for the cell
phone's problem. This is probably going to be a pretty lengthy message, so
if you aren't interested or don't think you will be able to help with
regards to resolving this issue, you may want to go ahead and stop reading
before you get bored to tears.
I have a Nokia 6600 cell phone running the latest version of Mobile Speak:
version 1.26.
Over the past week, my phone has more often than not been inoperable. When
I turn it on, it ocasonally works normally, but more and more frequently,
it is simply stating that the sim card is not valid. Sometimes, reinserting
the sim card has helped, but this is proving less and less effective as
time goes by. sometimes, the phone will appear to turn on normally, only to
immediately shut itself off. Once this happens, it is practicly a given
that the next time the phone is turned on, I will be presented with the sim
card not valid message.
I'm not even sure this that is a Mobile speak problem, but I can tell you
that it started only after I installed the newest version of the Mobile
Speak software.
I've repetedly tried reinserting the sim card. As I said, sometimes it
helps, and sometimes it doesn't. The most frustrating aspect of this
problem is that although it has become more or less constant now, it is
still intermittant enough that it's hard to know whether it's been fixed or
This morning, after spending nearly an hour trying to get the phone to turn
on normally, I reformatted the phone's memory on the off chance that
something had corrupted it in some way.
I was optomistic that the issue was resolved once and for all, but when I
got home and turned the phone on in order to re enter my Mobile Speak
registration number, the dreaded sim card not valid message was back. So, I
lost allo my contacts for nothing, and am essencially back at square 1. I'm
beginning to worry that I may have to end up replacing the phone, but am
extremely reluctant to do so because I don't know what impact such a
drastic action would have on my Mobile Speak licence. It would be a
tremendous hardship for me to have to purchase a replacement phone, and I
definitely can't afford to pay full price for another mobile speak license.
I only make minimum wage at my job.
My concern at this point is that the phone is almost unuseable as it is
right now, so I need to resolves this issue as soon as humanly possible.
I've contacted Nokia technical support, and they all but refused to help me
because according to my phone's imei number, it is an over-seas model.
I also tried to resolve the matter with my cell phone service provider,
Cincinnati Bell, and although they were very friendly, they really couldn't
do much to help me because technicly, they don't support the nokia 6600. I
got a factory unlocked phonebecause Cincinnati Bell currently doesn't sell
any of the accessible phone models, but I am otherwise extremely happy with
their cell phone service.
So, if any of you have any ideas at all with regards to what I can do to
try and fix this problem, I would really appreciate it. Assuming that I can
get the phone working reliably again, I will definitely provide this group
with a podcast demonstration/review of Mobile Speak. Thanks in advance for
your help, and I hope that everyone is having a really great day.

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