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I actually found it on both my system one was a 650mhz and this one is a 3.0ghz, and in both cases it was patheticly pittifully sluggish, but I don't blame it entirely on the program. Maybe it's just my setup. Who knows.


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Premiere CD/DVD Creator has a button to create a data CD. Data CDs can have anything on them, including folders of MP3 files. I have done this many times and it works very well. Remember, though, that once you get to the write screen, you need to tab past the cancel button to the options, and be sure you check the box that says "finalize the CD" or some such; if you don't, the CD creation session won't be closed, and you won't be able to use the data/MP3 CD on any drive that accommodates it.

I have played these MP3 CD's on my Victor Reader, and everything works extremely well.

The purchased version of CD/DVD creator seems to work quite fast--at least, compared to what I was using before; and I am not running on a Pentium 4--not yet, anyway; so maybe things will be faster for you.

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