[bct] Re: Postal carriers and web braille

  • From: "Marsha Macchi" <marshamac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 12:20:58 -0700

Hi, Marsha here.  I wish it were urban legend.  I have actually written up
these Workers' compensation conferences.  Yes, they have carried them for
generations but now they are no longer prepared to do this.  The problem is
that more and more postal carriers are not as fit as they were in
generations past.  Yes, it is a reflection of the whole of society in this
regard but I am not even going in that direction.
I actually had a postal employee drop dead in front of me after carrying a
heavy book up my stairs.  It got so bad that I was even questioned by police
because of the circumstances of the man's death.  Can you say that this is
urban legend when one has actually experienced this?
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> Oh, come on--this is absurd hyperbole. The fact is that mail carriers
> carried those boxes for generations. Frankly, this sounds like urban
> to me.
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> My late Uncle Armand actually saw two postal carriers drop dead from
> the heavy containers of Braille books.
> One carrier was man and the other carrier a single mom who had just had
> herself from the welfare rolls.  As a result of her death the children
> placed in foster care.
> How would we feel if someone in our family died as a result of lifting
> heavy packages.
> James

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