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  • Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 16:20:03 -0500

Hey Pam,
Just to ease your mind; you did mention about the brushing if the hair gets
long, and the importance of clipping the hair around the eyes because you
said it would hang over the eyes.  And, you sounded just fine; not nervous
or anything.  by the way, was someone playing the piano somewhere in the
background?  We thought we heard someone practicing.

Maria R.
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I am so thrilled that you liked my poodlecast, and thanks so much for
all the nice comments. As I said this was my first attempt at a
podcast so I was a little nervous about putting it out there. The only
two things I can think of off hand that I intended to include but
forgot were emphasizing the need to brush if you let your poodle's
hair grow out and to keep the hair around their eyes cut back. Oh yeah
and about their tails being docked. The person who donated Josef to
Leader bought him from someone who shows standards, but they had cut
his tail a little too short so that they probably couldn't show him.
How lucky for me and I'm sure Josef would agree, lucky for him too..
Someone once told me that show poodles spend a lot of their lives in
crates. Glad that didn't happen to my baby.

Yeah that was shocking about Sarah. A pitt poodle; how funny. Maria
and Lynnette, you might just be right on target there.

Pam and poodle Josef

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