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  • Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 11:44:36 -0600

It isn't obvious when using a screen reader, but, I called this email 
podpourri with a d and not a t because it is a collection of comments on 

Maria your story about your niece's name change was funny.  Losing someone 
special to us is difficult at any time, but, when it happens around the 
holidays it can be even more difficult to cope with your sorrow when 
everything else around you is festive and people are full of cheer.  I know 
I mourn several empty chairs at the table now each Christmas.  I know you 
miss her.  Thanks for sharing the My Name Is Mud story.

Maria and Lynnette, regarding the roll-up pianos you bought, one of the joys 
of having nieces, nephews and grandchildren is that we big kids get to play 
with their toys a little while before we give them as gifts.

Darren I enjoyed learning about the Christmas dog collar that lights up.  I 
wish I had known about it sooner and I would have bought one for my friend's 
guide dog.  She always puts jingle bells on his collar at Christmas.

Dan I have seen your name on lists for years and it was so nice to finally 
hear your voice.  I enjoyed your womcast.  I agree with your suggestion to 
keep the spirit of giving associated with the holidays active all year.  I 
think that is one thing I don't like about Christmas.  It almost seems like 
a light switch we are supposed to turn on and then turn off.  Keeping 
Christmas all year through would do us all a lot of good.  I would love to 
hear you do a podcast on kitchen science or kitchen chemistry.

Donna I wrap gifts about the same way you described.  I know I end up 
wasting paper sometimes but I think my gifts look fairly decent.  I don't 
worry too much about how the decorations are arranged on the tree.  I am 
beginning to collect a lot of bird and snowflake ornaments since those are 
two of my favorite things.  I love the birds with clips on them so that they 
can sit on the branches.  I hope your daughter is enjoying her doll Amanda.

I received my nature CD Neal and it is fabulous.  I call it my Magic Meadow. 
For the first half I have the morning songbirds and the second half is the 
quiet stream with birds in the background.  I am amazed you could find 
anywhere so full of nature's beautiful sounds and so empty of the noise we 
humans create.  The recording quality is superb.  I plan to spend many hours 
strolling through my magic meadow reveling in nature's awesome beauty.

Thanks to everyone who puts so much time and effort into producing podcasts. 
I have enjoyed many others I have not mentioned here.  Special thanks to 
Larry for launching BCT and creating this discussion email list.  It is 
truly one of the nicest and most talented bunch of people ever assembled in 


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