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You're welcome.
Well...let's see.  I gave out the link to my feed.  It's

Now, finding feeds is another matter.  If you use Juice (formerly known as
iPodder), you can perform an Alt-V and go to their directory to locate
feeds.  Once you find one you like, you Enter on it and a dialog box is
displayed. Simply press Enter to accept the feed.

I do believe that Larry has some how-to podcasts on iPodder in his treasure

Basically, when you locate a feed, you copy it with Ctrl-C, open iPodder and
press Ctrl-N to add a feed.  paste the feed address with Ctrl-V and press

you can also download the accessible podcatcher.
here's the link.  Just tab to the download link.

Hope this helps.

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> Thanks Lynette, that is the kind of information I needed.  How does Larry
> get a link to your podcast at libsyn.com onto his site?  How do you know
> what url to put in a pod catcher to hear your feed?
> Thanks,
> Dan

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