[bct] Podcast wishlist

  • From: "Debee Norling" <debee@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Blindcooltech@Freelists. Org" <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 20:47:48 -0800

Here are some of the things I'd find interesting:

* Ham radio in other countries -- if you are an amateur radio operator and
you don't live in the U.S. can you tell us something about your hobby in
your country and perhaps give us a live demo of some communications? For
example,  do you help your cities with emergency communications, and what's
it like to be able to talk to other countries in Europe with a modest
antenna. Being a ham in California, I am lucky if I can get a contact in
Colorado, though I did talk to Siberia just once.

* Home maintenance. Though I do enjoy "the blind handyman" it tends to be a
bit too chatty for my taste. If you do common home repairs or have a hobby
like woodworking, share with us some of the alternative techniques you use.
For example, I always seem to manage to drill holes in the wrong places and
wish I was handier and that this didn't happen.

* Access technology instructors. It would be interesting to hear about some
of your challenges. Have you ever worked say with someone who had the use of
only one hand, or someone whose job required them to use an unusual piece of
software that you found nifty work-arounds for. I wouldn't want you to
gossip about any individual of course, but it would be fun to hear happy
stories about some of your clients.

* Ebay. I have a blind friend who is a true ebay wiz. I fumble through ebay
buying stuff occasionally but have never found it really easy to use.  Maybe
one of you who is an ebay wiz can pass on some tips.

* Fitness. If any of you are good at this, how bout a cast on weight
lifting, yoga, stretching, aerobics or calisthenics. I get so frustrated
trying to follow exercise videos and wish more blind people would become
personal trainers and help us klutzes out!

* XM or Sirius sattelite radio. Does anyone have it and can you review it?

* Public transit. In some parts of the country there are some intriguing
sound-scapes, and I imagine outside the U.S. it gets even more interesting.
For example, when I visited Chicago, I got off Amtrak in this super huge
underground rabbit warren of a station -- Union station, I think it was
called. I was so intrigued by all the doors that lead to all the underground
train tracks, and each door had a loudspeaker announcing "track nine ..."
"track ten ...". When you heard them all talking at once it was quite a
cacophony. Then there were these guys driving little power carts with loud
horns tooting at you from every direction!  So someone should record that
and other soundscapes like that.

Talking GPS gizmos. I've heard enough sales pitches for all the GPS devices.
but what about a real person using one who will talk honestly about its
strengths and shortcomings?  I loved Robert Carter's demo and would enjoy
hearing from others.

Birds at dawn or dusk. Do any of you live in a wooded area. Can you get a
good recording of your wildlife?

* Appliance timers -- does anyone have one that is accessible?

* Binaural doggy wars: could someone with good binaural mics and two or more
dogs pleas record them playing? At the end of Larry's walks I hear his two
dogs greeting each other but then he turns off the recorder.  I always miss
out on the doggy war!


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