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I hear you. While in some ways, I want to disagree, I guess quality is a bit subjective based on what we can and can't hear, and what matters to each of us in the recordings. I can tell you that as a kid, I just didn't care all that much. But when I was a teenager,I cared a lot, and I wanted much better quality than I had; I just didn't have the resources and thought it was a dream out of reach. And it's okay if for you the DS-2 meets your needs. I might end up getting one myself, as a starter for making podcasts, and having a stereo recorder. That's okay too.

It's not just a hiss. It's very hard to explain. It's like a hiss and an effect on all sounds that I seriously don't know how to put into words. i wish I could.

I have a minor hearing loss on the left ear, and a mild/moderate loss on the right. There are frequencies I dont' hear as well, particularly in the lower ranges on the left side, and everything is pretty much muted, from what I've been told, on the right. This makes some things, like traffic work, somewhat hard for me, but in recording and sound quality, I'm a huge stickler, even with the losses. Most sighted people don't notice half the junk I hear, or so they say. Grin. But the point to all that was that I notice it still, but don't know what it is. It probably has to do with the internal mic or if there is one, an internal preamp, if it's there at all. I did notice a nice difference with the external mics, which is the only way I'd go for a real podcast, personally.
I wish I knew how Jamie did his hale storm in April. I know it was the built-in mic, but it is night and day different from what others ahve done. I mean no offense by that; the other recordings aren't bad, jsut different and to me, slightly lower quality sound.
I wish I knew of anyone who had the DS-2 and the Church-Audio mics. Or the DM20 and the same mics. I'd love to compare them side by side.

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I can definitely go along with that. I just find it curious that quality in some cases is subjective; like a sense of humor I guess. But it's interesting that so many of us can't hear the hiss apparently produced with the Olympus. I can with the built-in microphone, but not with the external. When I listen to recordings made with the Olympus DS-2 and external mics with head phones, I'm right there. Haha, but as I write this, I sit here and listen to a hiss in my right ear brought about by my hearing condition. Not pleasant. Maybe the Olympus merely conforms to my reality, unfortunate as it can be in that regard.


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Mary, I will gently take exception to what you say.  I do not think an
emphasis on quality can ever be overblown.  We owe it to ourselves and our
listeners to produce the best podcasts our budgets and skills allow.  It is
like writing, you are a careful writer who cares about what you write, same
for podcasts, if we can make them better, it is good to do so.  Obviously,
budget constrains many, and this is not a problem.

My wife has very limited hearing out of one ear only, and she cannot hear
the hiss present in recordings made with the Olympus units, however, if I
play one such for her, then one made on the kind of machines Neal and I
have, she can tell the difference, instantly, even if she cannot quantify
that difference.  While few should or even can afford that much for a
recorder, as you note, there are ways to get a better recording out of your
Olympus, like using external microphones.

I encourage people to make the best podcasts they can.  This does not mean
that those with inexpensive equipment and software should not try, they
should and we see some very good results on the web site made with lower
cost equipment.  But, let's not diminish the emphasis on quality because
having a goal to reach is always good.


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