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  • Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 09:25:31 -0400

This isn't CNN it's BCT.  No one is getting paid here to contribute.  I 
think most of us can't afford $300 - $500 for a higher quality recorder or 
$150 and up for hi quality microphones.  Many can't even afford a olympus. 
So please take that in to account and just understand that everyones 
podcasts are not going to be studio quality.

I think its much more important to do a good podcast that is not full of 
extra stuff that doesn't add anything to the topic of the podcast.

Be thankful we have all the people we have making podcasts and for all the 
things we learn about from them and maybe be a bit less concerned about what 
high priced microphone or recorder is being used to produce it.



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"The chief handicap of the blind is not blindness, but the attitude of 
seeing people towards them."
- Helen Keller, 1925

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Here here! And let's hear it for the Olympus!


On Thu, 25 May 2006 08:55:41 -0400, you wrote:

>You all are so worried about a little hiss.  I hear absulutely terrible
>podcasts on here a lot that have tons of wind noise, no editing and way 
>content than is necessary to do the podcast.  You know something?  If I
>don't like a podcast I simply delete it and don't listen.
>Some of you have the best equipment at your disposal and do wonderful
>podcasts.  Some like me only have the olympus recorder and I think do quite
>well with what they have.  I say just do the best you can with what you 
>even if its just a audio cassette recorder or even a bookport.  Every one
>has something they can offer to the group and should be allowed to
>contribute without the debate as to how good or bad everyones podcasts are.
>Thats just my opinion for what it matters.
>Contact Information:
>Skype ID: rharmon928
>MSN ID: rharmon928@xxxxxxxxxxx
>Email: rickharmon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Phone: 330-724-6093
>Location: Akron, Ohio USA
>Visit my new mailing list on www.freelists.org
>"The chief handicap of the blind is not blindness, but the attitude of
>seeing people towards them."
>- Helen Keller, 1925

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