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Hi Dan,
Well put.  I think you, Neal and several others on the list are of like


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> Rick, since I started this subject line, let me chime in.  I never said
> that people with low end equipment should not produce podcasts or be
> worried about their quality.  I said that it was encumbent on each of us
> make the best podcasts with the equipment that we do have.
> There is no denying that a $4500 fancy digital recorder and $1000
> microphone will outperform an Olympus any model, but that is not the
> point.  Each person, using whatever they can afford, can make a good
> podcast that is valuable and contributes to knowledge or general
> enjoyment.  Content and interest are more important than expensive gear.
> I was urging that we not dismiss the need for quality, but use what we
> to do the very best we can.
> Dan

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